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Don’t You Just LOVE IT?

October 25, 2014

All those “INTERNET” Wealth building tips: Buy my information and you will be RICH OVERNIGHT, OR “This website is only open until Midnight then it is gone forever”, and things like that.
What very few people know is that GOOGLE does not recognize “self-replicating sites, ones that are copies of an original store site. That means getting a generically ranked website is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to get. So how does one build a money-making website? Well, one would have to pay for a lot of traffic, open a “pay per click” account, or use some other very expensive” form of advertising. Then, maybe after a year or so, their site may have generated enough value to start moving up in the generic ranks.

So how can someone make money more immediately? If you were willing to throw away over a $1000 to make your dream come true, then perhaps a $16 investment into a small income generating investment technique may be just the ticket. You open an account after learning how to do this business, put about $200 into the account and start to take advantage of small market moves each minute of time.
To learn more, SimpleClickHere

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A Little Extra Income?

September 22, 2014

As time goes on and we look for additional income ideas, we often think, “well maybe a part time job is what I need.”

But part time jobs only pay maybe $10 – $12 or so an hour.  And, after taxes working a 30 hour week,  you might take home $250.

Now I know…That’s a guaranteed amount.  But if you had a choice, and a plan that could realistically earn $100 in half a day.  Would that help?

Honestly, in half a day! Would that be another choice?  And it’s something you can do over and above any part time work so you can still make that money.

Consider learning a way to do small “trades” in a system called Binary Options.  Risk?  Yes.  But we risk more doing nothing.  The author of this book made over $100 in about 23 minutes using strategies found in this book.  Give it a look:


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Using Horizontal Lines

September 13, 2014


Are you an individual investor? Do you track your investments using an interactive chart? If so, then you might want to know where resistance and support is within a day chart. Why? To see if you can take advantage of a “break out” price move.


If you notice, there are two trend lines in the above chart.  The investor was trying to find a channel to observe the top, or “resistance” to the price going higher, or seeing a break in “support” at the bottom of the channel.  In this case, the support failed and prices went lower short term.  Once this was seen, an investor could ride this price down earning money as the price went lower.  Then, seeing a reversal, the investor followed the movement up as the price model went back within the channel.  An investor who wants to get some insight on what in a chart may help them signal a reversal in price movement might be interested in this short book.  It covers trend reversal in a very simple to follow instruction.  To learn more, go here:


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I Keep Telling Them: It’s A 3-Level Play!

August 17, 2014

I meant what I said, “I made over $500 and did NOTHING to earn it.  I didn’t even know I made that much.”

And after just 3 months, I made almost another $100.  Chump change you say?  I bet it’s more than you made in some of your MLM programs. 

Yes.  It is an MLM.  But it is cheap to join, cheap to maintain, and I made some money without trying.

But if you want some overrides, join me.  Talk to 3 people willing to try it for 6 months.  Have them talk to 3 people interested in joining for 6 months.  That is it! Oh.  And don’t forget that there is a real digital product base here.  Another plus…NO INVENTORY.

You could begin to make some nice “extra money”.  You might not be able to stop your day job yet.  But, give it another 6 months and the overrides might just be enough for you to make some decent money.

How much per month, you say?  Just $9.95 monthly

I am asking for a $60 commitment over 6 months to see if you can make some residual income.  My first check was over $500 and I put NO effort into it.

If you are really interested, fill in this form with a real email or a way I can get back to you.  Let’s discuss this opportunity.




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August 12, 2014

A Business Takes Time, Money, and Work!

Before you spend money on a new on-line business, take a few dollars and get educated!


The keys to success include:

• Spending money wisely, not on every new “deal”
   that claims quick earnings and riches!
• keeping your ongoing costs down so you can
   afford to advertise.
• Spending advertising dollars wisely.
• Like what you do.

Remember that you are competing against millions of sites for a customer’s time AND money.



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What is a “Click Bank?”

August 10, 2014

No.  It’s NOT a bank.  It is actually a collection of products people sell and offer to sell through a distributor network.  They call this an Affiliate network.  A lot of money can be made using Click Bank.  Affiliate Sales is another way to generate ongoing sales and income.  But, they are not as easy as 1-2-3.  Some cagey top notch affiliate marketers will paint a picture of quick profits, no down time, and easy goes it income.

It’s JUST NOT TRUE!  Every Business Venture has its development stage.  That is why we offer training through books and other resources.  If you want to learn a little more about a part time business, and would rather spend a “little” now rather than spend “a lot later”, then go to my products page.


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Just layed off? Had to settle for less?

July 8, 2014

Did the ECONOMY affect you?

Still at it, but not sure about the future?

Want to make a little extra but would prefer to do it from home?

Pick your own hours using this little known income producing vehicle.


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Afraid of another Bubble?

June 10, 2014

So you are still making money and simply want to maintain your savings and continue getting back links and such in the hopes of continuing to build your on-line business.

But…what if it starts to slow down? Or maybe your cash flow vanishes because of lower spending.

You’ve been comfortable..that is until now.  What would you do next?  Start another on-line business?  Well you can’t very well do that because it would take away from your already depleted cash reserves you were using to build your first web EMPIRE.

Let me show you an inexpensive way to bolster your cash flow with limited risk and a real chance at some positive cash flow and growth.  Want to know more?



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June 4, 2014

A little known indicator buried within investment charts is called a DOJI.  Don’t know what this is?

CrossoverRiseSee the top of the chart?  The cross is called a DOJI.  It is often found to indicate a pause, or, sometimes even a change in the price direction of a given investment.  Want to make more money but don’t have a lot to use or lose?  Get educated.  Using some of the tips given in this little know book, you can actually start to make some real money almost immediately.

CHECK IT OUT!      SimpleClickHere



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What is an “Average Directional Movement”?

May 16, 2014

For those that are truly interested in making money using current investment tools but are new to this field, this can be one scary term!

The beauty of Binary Options is that you don’t really need to know everything about trend lines, technical indicators, or even have a lot of money to start.

ADX-2 It is easy enough to open a Binary Option account with a small $200 deposit. A deposit is really not much different then exchanging money for chips at a casino.  You see.  The deposit is not a purchase, but becomes the money used to make trades with.  At the end of the day, if you are done, you simply ask for your money back.   The online brokerage firm will return your money in accordance with their redemption terms.

But, whether you know any investment tricks or not will not help if you don’t have a plan. We might suggest a  $16 investment into a training manual of sorts to help understand Binary Options more and perhaps learn how to actually make money in this field.  The author is involved in a number of things but can show 8 out of 9 successful trades during one short session.  He made over $100 during that 23 minute session. 

If you want to learn more about this investment opportunity and follow a possible plan towards independence, then


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