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The following resources provide training in a host of business opportunities.  These resources have been priced very competitively.  We hope you will find something below that you need.

Note that as this site develops, we will provide links to each new product category to make a given category easier to find.

Good luck in your new business enterprise.

The “Affiliate Marketing Master Plan”

Affiliate-Marketing-Master-Plan-500This 17-page book reveals some of the basic steps one must follow to become successful in their own business as an affiliate marketer. Instead of paying to become a link in a chain that costs you money (like in many MLM’s), becoming an affiliate provides a foundation where you build a network offering products without the monthly fee. Find the products, find the people, build a marketing plan, and start making money.

Offered Now for Only $5.95




“Affiliate Marketing Power”

2-350pxjpgThis 18-page book dis-spells the concept that being an affiliate marketer is easy. Just like any business, it takes time and effort to become successful in any business Being as an affiliate marketer is no different. The book offers links and other resources one might need to build a well-developed offering of affiliate programs and products. I covers things to look for in a compensation plan, advertising options, and building a site.

Offered Now for Only $4.95




“Affiliate Force Delta”

Affiliate Force e-book coverThis e-book takes the business owner step-by-step from “Click Bank” registration to building their own sales force made up of other affiliates hoping to sell the selected products this business owner is promoting for their own income.  You will not only learn how to select products, but you will also learn how to build a sales force made up of other affiliate members.  You will learn about email lists web site promotion, and many other items found necessary to build a successful business.

Offered Now for Only $8.95




“Foolproof Click Bank Mindset”

Foolproof Clickbank Mindset_flat-300x435This 64-page e-book covers aspects of becoming a winning CLICK BANK AFFILIATE. It goes into the psychology of a winning affiliate, winning as an affiliate, how to make sales.
If you are not winning in sales, then perhaps a fresh look at the Click Bank program is another option. At $9.95 this e-book is a real bargain and worth the time spent before you charge into another venture.






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