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Have You Heard Of “QE”?

If you have then you are part of a smaller minority group of people.  For those that don’t know what it is, the letters stand for “quantitative easing”.  The process is that the “FED” prints money through the purchase of government bonds and keeps interest rates at the lowest possible rate.  The FED has been printing as much as $85 Billion PER MONTH!

So what does this have to do with investing?  Well the low interest rates causes people that need a higher yield than what they could get in a CD or in a bond to look for alternatives to high interest bearing instruments.  QE indirectly supports the high stock market numbers.

What will happen when QE is further reduced?

I’d Like To Hear Your Opinions…

Can Volatility Be Your Friend?

That depends!

The trading vehicle you are using, for example, is it a stock, are you using stock options, FOREX, or is it some other investment you wish to use?

Now, I cannot make actual investment recommendations.  However, we can discuss technical indicators and how they can be used to help your win rate in the investment world.  If you would like to learn more and have a forum of sorts  regarding certain technical items, then sign up for either my free membership site, or to get more personalized feedback, then consider my Members Plus Page.

To Learn more about those options, RedShadowClickHere



Binary Options.  Have you heard of them?

Most folks say no.  This is a relatively new investment that takes the standard option format and makes it simpler and affordable for the average “Joe”.   You start by opening an account for just $200 to $300. 

There is no margin account nor is there any margin call.

This investment can generate an unusually good part-time or full-time income, if managed properly.

Like any other business, there is risk.  Fortunately, the most a person can lose with a Binary Option is the amount they invested for a trade, or,  a worst case scenario would be that they drew down their deposit account through continual losses in their trading account.  That is the most anyone can lose.

However, with some brokerage firms giving payouts per trade as high as 85% , the benefits of trying could out way the potential losses with nice increase in the account.  This translates into profits, i.e., income.

Pretty Cool, yes?

For more information you may want to follow this link:


5 out of 7 wins!

That’s right.  I am live!

I traded for about 30 minutes in a rather volatile market and made about $50

That’s about $100 an HOUR.  

You make a small deposit of $200 or so.

It’s like buying chips at a casino.

If you don’t like the game, you trade in your chips and get the balance of your money back.

But like any gamble, game of chance, investment, OR business, you need an actual game plan on how to work this BUSINESS.

So for two days, my average win rate was about the same over a 1/2 hour time period.  I made about the same because I won and lost, but mostly, I WON!

If I could work this for about 6 hours and could continue that trend, that’s

            $600 A DAY!  

This business could make a full-time player quite a bit of money annually, if..if…if, they have a plan.

Do you want to learn more?  Take about an hour or two and read this simple manual.

It could revolutionize your life!


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