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Don’t You Just LOVE IT?

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

All those “INTERNET” Wealth building tips: Buy my information and you will be RICH OVERNIGHT, OR “This website is only open until Midnight then it is gone forever”, and things like that.
What very few people know is that GOOGLE does not recognize “self-replicating sites, ones that are copies of an original store site. That means getting a generically ranked website is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to get. So how does one build a money-making website? Well, one would have to pay for a lot of traffic, open a “pay per click” account, or use some other very expensive” form of advertising. Then, maybe after a year or so, their site may have generated enough value to start moving up in the generic ranks.

So how can someone make money more immediately? If you were willing to throw away over a $1000 to make your dream come true, then perhaps a $16 investment into a small income generating investment technique may be just the ticket. You open an account after learning how to do this business, put about $200 into the account and start to take advantage of small market moves each minute of time.
To learn more, SimpleClickHere

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