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A Little Extra Income?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

As time goes on and we look for additional income ideas, we often think, “well maybe a part time job is what I need.”

But part time jobs only pay maybe $10 – $12 or so an hour.  And, after taxes working a 30 hour week,  you might take home $250.

Now I know…That’s a guaranteed amount.  But if you had a choice, and a plan that could realistically earn $100 in half a day.  Would that help?

Honestly, in half a day! Would that be another choice?  And it’s something you can do over and above any part time work so you can still make that money.

Consider learning a way to do small “trades” in a system called Binary Options.  Risk?  Yes.  But we risk more doing nothing.  The author of this book made over $100 in about 23 minutes using strategies found in this book.  Give it a look:


Using Horizontal Lines

Saturday, September 13th, 2014


Are you an individual investor? Do you track your investments using an interactive chart? If so, then you might want to know where resistance and support is within a day chart. Why? To see if you can take advantage of a “break out” price move.


If you notice, there are two trend lines in the above chart.  The investor was trying to find a channel to observe the top, or “resistance” to the price going higher, or seeing a break in “support” at the bottom of the channel.  In this case, the support failed and prices went lower short term.  Once this was seen, an investor could ride this price down earning money as the price went lower.  Then, seeing a reversal, the investor followed the movement up as the price model went back within the channel.  An investor who wants to get some insight on what in a chart may help them signal a reversal in price movement might be interested in this short book.  It covers trend reversal in a very simple to follow instruction.  To learn more, go here:


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