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I Keep Telling Them: It’s A 3-Level Play!

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

I meant what I said, “I made over $500 and did NOTHING to earn it.  I didn’t even know I made that much.”

And after just 3 months, I made almost another $100.  Chump change you say?  I bet it’s more than you made in some of your MLM programs. 

Yes.  It is an MLM.  But it is cheap to join, cheap to maintain, and I made some money without trying.

But if you want some overrides, join me.  Talk to 3 people willing to try it for 6 months.  Have them talk to 3 people interested in joining for 6 months.  That is it! Oh.  And don’t forget that there is a real digital product base here.  Another plus…NO INVENTORY.

You could begin to make some nice “extra money”.  You might not be able to stop your day job yet.  But, give it another 6 months and the overrides might just be enough for you to make some decent money.

How much per month, you say?  Just $9.95 monthly

I am asking for a $60 commitment over 6 months to see if you can make some residual income.  My first check was over $500 and I put NO effort into it.

If you are really interested, fill in this form with a real email or a way I can get back to you.  Let’s discuss this opportunity.




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